Charitible Causes: Wichita Leukemia and Lymphoma Society auction, 2014

We all get excited when a question or contact comes through our Etsy shop or Blog – someone found me!  Oh goody, the hard work paid off!   What if that contact isn’t for an order, but a request for a contribution or donation? Work for free? Now what? Be thankful someone found you- thatContinue reading “Charitible Causes: Wichita Leukemia and Lymphoma Society auction, 2014”

Baby book love.

I am a grandma.   I have one year of experience.  I take it pretty seriously.  My grandparents were amazing,  supportive and active in my life at every stage.  My parents did this for my children.   I intend to keep this family tradition alive and strong. One thing that my grandmother did for us wasContinue reading “Baby book love.”

Tea towel love.

A few months ago I painted a watercolor of the home of my dear friend.  I took some photos before mailing the painting to her.  I thought at the time she might want to use the image for personalized cards or mailing labels.  I am also interested in finding multiple ways to use anything IContinue reading “Tea towel love.”