Bruiser Cow

I try to paint, or sew or otherwise “create” every week.  The few hours dabbling with color, texture and mixed media  is reward for the 40 hours in my chair at work with data and numbers.

Buiser Cow PortraitI do love color.  I try to incorporate it whenever possible.  This week, my challenge I gave myself was to paint a cow in a non-traditional way.  I learn so much when I deviate from the norm.  I know going in that the result will be unexpected, and that provides so much freedom to experiment.
cow face

This was the inspiration photo.  Every day cow.  Thank you, sir for the pose.  I love using Google Images for searching out inspiration pictures.

Anyway, the general response from my friends and immediate family:

  1. Blank stares
  2. “Satan’s Cow”
  3. “I can’t unsee that”
  4. “Can’t you paint it brown?”
  5. I liked it before you made green horns…
  6. “I love it, Mom, it’s the best thing I think you have ever painted”.

So, I won’t quit my day job, anyway.  It just depends, doesn’t it who you ask about things you make… beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

What I think:

I think he has good bones.

He makes me smile.

I love that he is not brown.

I think he looks a little bruised which is how I feel much of the time.

I would hang him in my kitchen.

Satan doesn’t have any cows.  He wasn’t a farmer, anyway.

He was a blast to make and I am glad to have spent the time learning.

I mixed watercolors, brown ink, dark purple colored pencil on a 12″ by 18″ Strathmoore 400 series paper.

Advice from a hobby addict:

I always try to let you know what I use and where it came from because I like to know what other people use and if they like it.  I love the watercolor paper, it’s heavy and takes a beating, dries nicely.  The watercolors I used were just such a pretty pre-mixed palette which meant I could paint straight away without a lot of color mixing thought (panic).  I would consider myself a brave beginner with lots of practice.  I don’t spend a ton of money on my supplies – not a brand snob.  Use what you have and when you get some extra cash, or a great coupon, buy the next price point up to treat yourself and build your supply box.

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