Loving animals…

I love animals.  This is Mertyle Turtle.  Mertyle is an American Box Turtle that my nieces found on vacation 3 years ago.  He was limping down a road that led to fishing and boating docks.  His back foot was injured.  Mertyle was destined to be fish bait.  Fellow campers were watching to see if, when and whereContinue reading “Loving animals…”

Bruiser Cow

I try to paint, or sew or otherwise “create” every week.  The few hours dabbling with color, texture and mixed media  is reward for the 40 hours in my chair at work with data and numbers. I do love color.  I try to incorporate it whenever possible.  This week, my challenge I gave myself was toContinue reading “Bruiser Cow”

Creating with fabric and loving it!

I am excited after spending a weekend sewing and quilting with friends at a 3 day quilt retreat. I have never taken a trip that revolved around creating, designing, and playing with fabric. I have been collecting of fabric  to make a bright patchwork quilt that has been dancing in my head. I only tookContinue reading “Creating with fabric and loving it!”