Hand-made coaster project, learning curve.


Spending time on Pinterest leads to trying new projects.

I made personalized cork coasters after being inspired by a pin.

Warhorse watercolor, Stephanie Macera
Draw, paint, photograph or copy art of your choice. This is a watercolor painting 4″ diameter. I photographed and copied 6 times – or scan and print.
Supplies for making coasters.
4″ diameter cork coasters from Hobby Lobby, $2.77, pack of 6. Glue and art of your choice, scissors, paint brush, nail file and paper sealer.
Trace the shape of your coaster around your art.
Trace the shape of your coaster over your art.
Cut to size.
Cut to size. “Perfect” not required. You will refine shape in next steps.
Apply glue to coaster.
Apply glue to coaster. Spread to edges, cover evenly.

Less is more. Paper thickness should be considered.

Too much glue will saturate your image and can bleed through causing blots or “freckles” on inkjet images.

Use a burnishing tool to remove bubbles as you secure image to coaster.
Remove bubbles as you secure image to coaster. Start in center and work out gently.

Wet paper is fragile, so consider a light application of glue.

Careful not to tear or wrinkle as you apply.

Inkjet images can bleed, so if your glue runs, wipe your tool (or finger) to avoid smearing color.

Let your work dry.
Let your work dry. An hour is a good rule of thumb. Use nail file along edge of cork to remove overlapping paper.

Dry paper and cork will file cleanly and reduce chance of wrinkling or tearing your image.

Give ample dry time.

Peel off the paper that is removed by filing.
Peel off the paper that is removed by filing.
I used Susan Lenart Kazmer Paper Sealer, from Hobby Lobby, $3.99. to seal the pa
Seal your image to protect. I used Susan Lenart Kazmer Paper Sealer, from Hobby. Allow to dry. Repeat sealing step.

Lenart Kazmer Paper Sealer

I filed mine a second time after the sealer was completely dry.

I think you have a crisper edge by doing so.

Coaster set complete.
Completed set of 6 coasters


Cork wanted to warp just a bit.  I applied heavy books to dried coasters to flatten.

I suggest using multiple brushes to avoid color bleed from one coaster to the next.  The paper sealer medium says that there is no image bleed and no brush strokes, but I did see evidence of both.  A foam roller brush might eliminate those issues.

You need a day or more to complete this project with drying time considered.  Makes a great gift or fun distraction for the day.

I will repeat the process using ceramic tile and square image and compare.  I think the ceramic tile coaster would have a richer look and I like the weight of a tile versus the light feel of the cork.

Would love to hear any similar project you have tried and the products that you used, or were pleased with.

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