Sketching digitally, Wacom Tablet Terrier!

Boston Terrier sketchOut of the box…

I have never tried to draw or sketch or paint “digitally” until this week.  I have used Illustrator for many reasons in the past, but never to free-hand anything.  Much has changed in the art world!  I have been longing for quite some time to draw with a digital pen and sketch or paint on a digital art board.  If you wait long enough, the price becomes reasonable!

One of the things I spent my Christmas money on was a Wacom Intuos Pro Pen & Touch.


  •  I waited long enough for the technology to be affordable for me, on my doorstep for around $350.00.

  • You can spend as little as $49.00 to get started with a Wacom product or you can break your bank and buy the best and brightest at around $3000.00.  I feel I struck a bargain!

  • I have no experience with tablets, and minimal experience with Illustrator.  After watching a few gracious artists who were posting tutorials on YouTube, I was able to create something.

  • I spent a day playing and testing and setting preferences; would take less if you have some experience / knowledge of Illustrator (or other favorite software for drawing).
  • Minimal cursing, value is excellent.
  • I would recommend this company and product to anyone who has longed to try.
  • Will not give up real paint and brush on canvas.  There is just nothing like it.

I think this pup is a strong mix of “Cat-Dog”, but I love his eyes- not bad for straight out of the box.
A fun start!

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