Spoonflower fabric arrives!

Dachund Portrait, Stephanie MaceraRight after Christmas, I ordered a fat quarter ( 18″ x 22″) from Spoonflower using this image (cropped).
Fabric from SpoonflowerThis week, my fabric arrived!  It took about nine days to arrive, the cost was around $11.00, including shipping.  The packaging and little details wrapping my fabric and a thank-you note were nice touches.  I didn’t have to be home to sign for it, the package fit in my mail drop- all bonuses!
Fat quarter, Dachund fabric, Stephanie MaceraThe color and quality were great.  I plan to make a few pillows.  My original 2″ x 2″ canvas painting – then photographed  (high-resolution) using my Samsung phone camera, re-sized and saved as a “SVG” file with Adobe Illustrator, uploaded to the Spoonflower website.
Dachund fabric, Stephanie MaceraThe result was a 10.5″ by 10.5″ square (which I will now consider re-sizing smaller to make use of fabric dimensions).  I was hoping to get 2 images without much work from my order.  The other two can be used, but aren’t as perfect (ears run off the edge).

On the website you can see a representation of what the fabric will look like with a measurement guide, so there are not a lot of surprises.  I was just lazy and in a hurry – which I think describes most artists!

It was an easy photo to fabric conversion.  I think I will work on different sizes now and see how I can maximize what can fit onto a fat quarter.  I just wanted to see what the quality was and how hard the procedure was to reproduce one of my paintings on a scale that could be enlarged, have multiple purposes as fabric or could be applied to a canvas or frame and sold as art.

  • I like that Spoonflower is an American company, that they offer wallpaper and gift wrap.
  • I love that there is no large order requirement – you can order swatches.
  • It’s great that they offer artists a place to earn commission or “royalties” on fabric that is made available to the public to order.
  • I think the uses of personalized fabric are really endless.

Fun project! Can’t wait to make pillows from the fabric.

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