Bichon Frise portrait.

It always starts with an inspiring photo, then a sketch. My favorite brush for this type of work is the Round Number 4 by Master’s Touch. I use several brushes to create a painting, but finishing and details for hair, ears and eyes – this is my brush of choice. Pups that have light furContinue reading “Bichon Frise portrait.”

Hand-made coaster project, learning curve.

  Spending time on Pinterest leads to trying new projects. I made personalized cork coasters after being inspired by a pin. Less is more. Paper thickness should be considered. Too much glue will saturate your image and can bleed through causing blots or “freckles” on inkjet images. Wet paper is fragile, so consider a lightContinue reading “Hand-made coaster project, learning curve.”

Sketching digitally, Wacom Tablet Terrier!

Out of the box… I have never tried to draw or sketch or paint “digitally” until this week.  I have used Illustrator for many reasons in the past, but never to free-hand anything.  Much has changed in the art world!  I have been longing for quite some time to draw with a digital pen andContinue reading “Sketching digitally, Wacom Tablet Terrier!”

Spoonflower fabric arrives!

Right after Christmas, I ordered a fat quarter ( 18″ x 22″) from Spoonflower using this image (cropped). This week, my fabric arrived!  It took about nine days to arrive, the cost was around $11.00, including shipping.  The packaging and little details wrapping my fabric and a thank-you note were nice touches.  I didn’t haveContinue reading “Spoonflower fabric arrives!”