What did you buy?

    2013-08-10 15.14.17Like many of you, I received cold hard cash at Christmas.

This year, I spent my money on some art supplies and on testing some ideas.

 I love a good throw pillow.  So I ordered some fabric on Spoonflower using an image of one of the pups I painted.

DashI uploaded a photo of this little Dachshund to their website and

ordered a fat quarter for around $10.50.

I will make another pillow (or two) from the swatch.2013-11-24 14.29.26This pillow was created printing my own image on to fabric using printer fabric. 

I think the price of creating a fabric using Spoonflower might actually be comparable & the quality much better.

I know I was able to achieve a larger size by submitting it for print, as I am limited to what I can print at home by the size of the photo paper.

Will know more in about nine days when it arrives!

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