Loving Smilebox.

001 collage (1)I use Smilebox regularly.  I am certain there are many wonderful sites that accomplish the same thing: slide shows, print and web, personalized digital scrapbooks, etc.

This one just happens to be a go to site for me.  It is user-friendly, code is provided for you to embed your image into your blog or onto Facebook, all printing options are available and there are wonderful design choices free of charge to select from.

I wanted a quick and easy collage of the puppies I have recently painted, and this little ditty was free, personalized, finished, and uploaded in less than 5 minutes.  Left to my own devices, I would debate over creating every aspect & spend too much time completing.  This template was so easy!

I am always interested in learning how other artists display and advertise their work.  If you have a good idea, please feel free to share!

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