Charming pet portrait.

Small things, miniature things – itty bitties – they are my undoing. This was one of the projects I wanted to try with my paintings: How little can I make them? Thanks to digital photography and inkjet printers – pretty small (less than one inch). The square, metal pendant  with glass on either side isContinue reading “Charming pet portrait.”

What did you buy?

    Like many of you, I received cold hard cash at Christmas. This year, I spent my money on some art supplies and on testing some ideas.  I love a good throw pillow.  So I ordered some fabric on Spoonflower using an image of one of the pups I painted. I uploaded a photo ofContinue reading “What did you buy?”

Chihuahua Speed painting video

I love to watch how artists work, where the work, how they think.  I spend way too much time on YouTube! I like to try the things I see.  This weekend, I made a speed painting of a pet portrait.  This was a 27 minute session, recorded on my cell phone, edited with Microsoft MovieContinue reading “Chihuahua Speed painting video”

Loving Smilebox.

I use Smilebox regularly.  I am certain there are many wonderful sites that accomplish the same thing: slide shows, print and web, personalized digital scrapbooks, etc. This one just happens to be a go to site for me.  It is user-friendly, code is provided for you to embed your image into your blog or ontoContinue reading “Loving Smilebox.”