Ladies Home Journal Advertisement 1947
Vintage ad for my fridge and my stove- together!


I mentioned before that when I purchased my vintage fridge that in the same week I found the matching stove. It was a hunch on my part when I purchased it, so the minute that I could research it, I went straight to the computer and this little gem came up.  It is an ad from Ladies Home Journal from 1947 which richly depicts all the special features of both my “new” fridge and “new” stove.  I had to have it!

It was listed on a site called  I had never heard of it, but since the likelihood of ever finding another ad or material that showed the pieces together was minute to say the least.. I decided I could risk trying something new.  The item showed a price for buy it now, like eBay, but also you could make the person an offer that was less than the asking price and find out in minutes if it was accepted, negotiate your price to include shipping if you wanted to.. and not have to wait on auction.

Anyway, the ad arrived in perfect condition and I can’t wait to frame it and hang it in my kitchen!  Needless to say, the framing and hanging of the art will beat the finish and installation of the fridge and stove.

I continue to estimate that completion will be somewhere in the time-frame of a week to ten days.  Pretty sure it has been lots of “weeks-to-ten-days”.  Reminds me of the awesome movie from 80’s “The Money Pitt”.

One response to “Fridge-a-hator”

  1. Oh Steph! You are so funny. I love reading all about what you’re up to.


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