Settling in.

slipcovered sofa

Last Friday we finally closed on the condo.  Signing the papers and having the SOLD sign removed from the yard, the key lock box off the door.. it felt like home.!

Every day, a little more settling in occurs. I got the slip covers washed and tucked just right on the sofa, hung the first picture!  It makes me happy to be in this room.  What ever I am missing, what ever is unpacked.. I am living happily enough without it. 

OK, there is one box that I have to find with my collection of clocks, but I am just going to have to be patient!  It took me five years to really collect and arrange all the pieces that I used to decorate my last home.   Because I craft and sew, I bought wonderful tables to work off of.  I currently own 5 dining room tables of various shapes and sizes.  Where some women collect purses, I collected tables. 

Harvest tableAnd so I expect that this will be a long, similiar endeavor…

How many garage sales does it take to truly downsize from 2500 sq ft to 1224 sq ft?  There is the urge to still bring things in, I am afterall, redecorating!  But what comes in is traded with something else going out.  There is no more storing it away for a rainy day, or taking things home for the sake of a friend that could use it. 

I am re-learning how to live, how to collect, how to be creative.  It’s like going on a diet, some days you really like the salad, other days you still want the Happy Meal. 

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