Kitchen dreams

One challenge in a small space.. the kitchen.  I don’t enjoy cooking to the point that I seek out recipes, dream up new ways of cooking a particular meal – cooking is a necessity.  In my one-butt kitchen I am seeking every possible way to be creative in my use of space.  Just because cooking isn’t my hobby doesn’t mean the kitchen doesn’t matter.  My hobby, is collecting kitchen goodies, utensils and decor.  It’s about to run me out of house and home!

I tried to be practical in this move, no extraordinary expenditures.  We did need a new refrigerator as the condo did not have one.  In my mind it seemed a simple thing to pick out a cute little fridge for a small kitchen.  Husband even gave permission for me to buy (unreasonably priced) retro fridge that I drool over.  That was too much to consider right before closing on this condo.  I suffered decicion-making paralysis or what we call “paralysis of analysis”.  Husband ended up buying plain white model at Sears.  I refused to participate because it was so disappointing.  

It was un-clever in every possible way (but in my budget!).  Once it was delivered and in this tiny one-butt kitchen, it was as if this fridge had swallowed every other refrigerator on the route or perhaps turned into” Octo-Fridge”, about to deliver 8 tiny baby fridgies in my kitchen.  Three days later I freaked out with major case of claustrophobia.  I called Sears (India?) and scheduled a return.

Renovations, week one: BONDO

I rationalized that I could find a vintage fridge within the budget of returned “Octo-Fridge” and that I could use the little mini-bar fridge from our previous home until I found one.  First attempt on Craig’s List, I found this amazing vintage refrigerator – $20.00 OBO!  I couldn’t get on the phone fast enough.  It works and I knew just the guy to help me restore it.  This is my 1946 Frigidaire Coldwall, by General Motors.  The awesome repair man (in photo) is my Dad.  We work on it a little every weekend.  My son calls the new (old) fridge “the fridge-a-hater”, because I ranted for 3 days about how much I hated that other fridge.

Three days after this find, my mom and I decided to visit a favorite thrift shop on my lunch break and we found the matching stove!  While the fridge needed total makeover, the oven was pristine – in mint condition.  I still had Octo-Fridge refund money left over after buying both vintage pieces!  I know people search far and wide and pay unreasonable amounts to create these amazing kitchens.. it seemed meant to be.  

So I dream as I sand and clean and detail this darling fridge – dream of a fun and functional kitchen with some personality.  And so it begins, another makeover.

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