My Junks

My dear friend of nearly 15 years, Amy, calls her treasures (and mine) OUR JUNKS.

We talk or text several times a week – usually I will call her to verify I am still sane and she will properly diagnose current condition (usually too self-critical), recommend appropriate action (up dose of meds, etc.) and we will belly laugh and by the time I am off the phone she will have made me feel normal.

My call frequency varies, but during the move I am at a nearly daily check in.  Amy understands collecting, she understands emotional decorating at midnight on a weekday, she knows I will change the color scheme in any room based on current issue of Country Living..  She also knows condo living will not support that kind of behavior.

Current color that is driving me wild:  anything in this aqua, turquoise, yummy green family from some ceramic pitchers I have collected.

I sprayed an awesome frame this color over the holiday weekend before all the wind hit.  Down in the corner of my inspiration board is a tear-sheet of an ad for a vintage fridge and stove I am using for inspiration for the 2 pieces I found earlier this month and can’t wait to install in my tiny-tiny one butt kitchen.

On our last wild junk adventure, Amy and my mom and I went on the Treasure Hunt: 400 miles of garage sales along Highway 36.  I acquired a lovely set of the brightest aqua drapes you could ever hope to find for a bargain price of $13.  Then I had no idea what I would do with them, but had to own them and had started dreaming of the little cottage I would someday put them in.

Last night I dug them out from under my bed (condo storage is tight) from a secure storage tub and started ironing.  Amy would freak out at the way I have approached this move in – she is a list maker and follower and I am flying by the seat of my pants (always).  She did give full encouragement over text disclosure of my intentions for the evening. Daughter nearly flipped because she thinks I am a little loopy.  We did discover, though that this is our shared favorite color of all time.

Because house is still a wreck – here is just a peek of the drapes and nod to husband for hanging my chandelier last week.  I used some garage sale money to buy new shades.

These two came home with me from work yesterday and are front-runners among my favorite JUNKS.  At lunch, Mom and I hit several garage sales and zipped into the DAV.  At one sale, I bought 3 ivory slip covers for the living room furniture (bargain $18) and can’t wait to give living room summer breeze treatment.  I am having fun living big in a small space and rediscovering where I find the most joy – in decorating and in color.

Whatever you are working on right now, I hope it is bringing you joy!

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