Stuffing the stuff into other stuff?


I googled it because it didn’t seem like it could be a real word.  Feel free to read up here.  It is a real word.

Stuff from my craft room, stuffed inside other stuff on shelves that keep stuff off the floor.

To so many of us, it’s a powerful word.  I am getting regular inquiries from friends and family concerning my stuff as we move into our condo.

  • Do you miss all your stuff?
  • Does your stuff fit in the condo?
  • Where are you storing all the stuff that won’t fit?
  • Are you selling your stuff at a garage sale?
  • Are you finding all kinds of crazy stuff in your move?
  • Do you wish you had room for more stuff?
  • How much stuff are you selling?
  • Don’t sell the good stuff!
Favorite stuff that made the move, and some stuff I haven't found yet in the move!!

Because I moved so often growing up and because my mom was an antiques collector, trader, dealer… I got used to stuff coming and going, ever-changing and evolving.

Here is what I know:  there is more stuff out there.  Stuff I don’t know, haven’t met, stuff I haven’t had the joy of owning.. and so some stuff has to leave to make room for more stuff later.

I am treating myself to a dose of reality on the “stuff” situation… the truth is most of it I own only because someone else was parting with it and I had plenty of rooms and storage space when I did acquire it:  Prime example, every time my mom redecorated, I inherited furniture and accessories, when she downsized her home, I took even more or “stored” it for her.

So in this move, if I wouldn’t go out right now to purchase that very item for this home, for my lifestyle right now (40 hr work week, 2 kids, 2 cats and a dog, and husband who misses me..) – then I really don’t need to own it and I won’t have time to miss it.

And I refuse to let stuff OWN me.  I’m just not going to stuff my stuff into more attractive stuff so that I don’t have to look at how much stuff I have. 

Plus, I get a little claustrophobic.  So far, still doing OK on parting with about half my STUFF.

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