Leaning tower of Pisa

Leaning tower of Pisa
Image by Shark Attacks via Flickr

After the dust settled and the “big chunks” – furniture pieces were placed in the condo, the real work began.  Because we staged our home to increase its appeal for showings, I stored so many personal items.  That process started 2 years ago. And there was no clue as to what our new home would need or “hold”.

I have to unpack and sort each item, like an archivist in a museum and reevaluate its relevance in the new house.  The boxes were stacked and stacked and kept stacking, and remind me of the Leaning Tower of Pisa, but less pretty (and square).

My goal is to power-sort and I am treating it very seriously.  I think there will be at least a dozen Leaning Towers of Treasures in my immediate future – blocking the living room and giving me a little bout of claustrophobia.  My emotions are mixed as I sort.  One minute I am so happy to see the long hidden contents, the next I am irritated by the hold I allow certain things to have on me.

One box in particular had some of the most special keepsakes from friends and family.  This little kitchen rack of tiny wooden spoons in a sweet box.. was a treasure from my dearest friend who understands that the smallest little inspiration can turn my world upside down.  I once bought a red ice cream scoop and had to then renovate my kitchen, which led to selling my home, which led the purchase of another home (whose kitchen I also remodeled).  It is my craziness in a box.  When I see it, I know someone truly gets me.

The SAVE/KEEP pile is tidy, small and really has the best of what I have collected.  I feel so grown up, and this little box is staying!

2 responses to “Leaning tower of Pisa”

  1. It’s fun to follow you on your journey. Looking forward to hearing more. You inspire me to simplify. You have such a way with words. You really need to write a book!

    1. Hi, Bev,
      I am so happy you left a note. If I write the book, will you be part of it? I would love to take pictures of the dreamy spaces you have in your house!

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