This month we sold our home of the past five years which was around 2300 square feet. There is no such thing as an empty room, no matter what size your home is.

So you can imagine all the lovely things a person can accumulate to fill spare bedrooms, hobby rooms and attic space with.

This is a condo unit that we have purchased and are moving in to – there are 4 1224 square ft. condo units shown here and each has a single-car garage.

I have been a mad-woman trying to sort, give away, sell (and stack) what won’t make the move.

There is about a one inch boarder of space left in this single-car garage that I keep dragging boxes out of and into the condo.  I refuse to store anything that won’t fit or that I don’t use.

Full happened early on in the unloading of the moving van.  Have you ever tried to eat Thanksgiving dinner for 12 all by yourself at one sitting?  That is how this little condo feels (and looks).

Full.  Really, really full and near to pop.

My hope is to purge, purge and purge.  It takes time.  It takes physical and mental strength.  It takes persevering.

There is a little cottage-y condo under all those boxes and I can’t wait to dig it out.

Garage sale, anyone?

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