So “2000 and late”..

On The Go Trio

My son communicates to me by singing song lyrics.  Last Friday, all through breakfast he kept telling me I was so “2000 and late”.. (I recognized the reference.. but if you need help)

All I know is this photo was taken Halloween weekend, 2010 at Fall International Quilt Market with Jackie and Beverly promoting On The Go Trio.  Then it was Thanksgiving, I barely got the tree and stockings up and it was Christmas.  I got the flu (Christmas Day) and when I woke up it was 2011.  Now I’m working on W-2’s and 1099’s! 

Aging has done this for me: made time travel seem possible, I keep thinking I have time-warped into the future, it’s going so fast!

That’s it. That’s all I missed for the blog.  Oh, and Lauren turned 18, and parents entered and won another dance competition. 

18, it's killin' me!

Justin is laughing on the inside, and I am smiling big enough for us all.  2011 goal – update family photo.. this one is 3 years old.

Triple Crown winners!

2010 amateur “Triple Crown” Competitive Ballroom Dancing award winners.  It was a big year for these two!  So proud of them.

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