Taste of fall

 Orange snuck up on me this year.  Suddenly I love this color.  It might be a phase, a short fling, but it has also been appearing in my wardrobe.  Which means we are supposed to fall in love with it.  It’s out there in small doses, working it’s way into our hearts.  For me, it was an orange and green plaid scarf I found at a boutique in Eureka Springs that threw me over the edge.

My current obsession is this orange blazer and purse.  I have an orange purse, already ahead on that one.. But  I’m pretty sure I don’t look good in orange, and so I’m going to just look at this photo instead of making a huge ORANGE purchase that will later haunt me.

Speaking of things that huant me..  This is Zuess.  I love him.  I don’t know how it happened, but he made me fall in love with him and I couldn’t make the kids find him a new home.  It isn’t just that he looks good with my color scheme in the house, but it’s true, that is important to me. 

After an exciting trip last weekend shopping along Highway 36, 400 miles of garage sales, I couldn’t wait to come home and decorate with some of my fall finds.  I found some wonderful antique clocks, a black vintage fan and a black vase, along with some other fun things.  It was cold and overcast in Washington, KS and along the route of small towns we visited, the best kind of fall weather, just right for a cup of coffee and a good scarf.

Yeah!  I love this tiny black fan!  These are some of the clocks I found and my GIGANTIC Webster’s dictionary, which I am in love with.

My orange obsession has come at a convenient time, fall decorating.  KiKi even posed in the basket, a perfect Halloween accessory.

4 responses to “Taste of fall”

  1. Steph,

    I am loving orange too, but alas I can’t wear it either:) Thanks for sharing your cool thrifty finds with us. The black and white really look good even on cats.

    1. Tamara, I want to link your post with your classes & the darling booties and blanket you did with the orange and brown.

  2. I’m glad Zuess got to stay. He’s so cute!

    1. You’re so sweet Bev., who would think we’d be cat people?! Giggle. Missed you at work this week.

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