Blog maintenance

I created a blog quite some time ago just to learn how to do it.  I knew it would be important for some of the businesses I was working for, but until I actually was using it, I wasn’t able to explain to anyone how it can help promote a business, product, idea, etc.. 

I actually Googled a diagram of how blogs worked and why people blogged.. because I just couldn’t think of a concise way to explain it to someone who doesn’t enjoy computers or use the internet.  Probably still could not put it into words without my diagram! 

I didn’t have a specific agenda.. just a huge curiosity.  I just needed to practice, experiment, get my feet wet.  Once I spent time learning this “media” and using it for others, I decided what I personally enjoyed writing about.  Suddenly, my old blog seemed out of context.. not specific enough.  It looked like practice. 

So now, I have imported the old blog, am sorting through what I want to keep and deleting what just doesn’t mesh with my new vision for this site.  How exciting that I don’t have to worry about losing some things that were already done.  It was exhausting looking back over things – being critical of myself at that time. 

How wonderful that technology allows us tools that we can examine ourselves, our work over time, all in one spot.  Normally, I would be rifling through stacks of paper, notebooks, photo albums, posters, cds to try to explain to someone the type of work I have been doing for the past six years.  Love the idea that a blog can be an ever-changing, updated and concise portfolio.. a visual reminder that I have made progress, made good choices and that I am following my dreams.  Thank you programming geniuses of the internet! 

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