Against my nature.


I think about this blog and wonder what direction to take it in.  I planned to be very structured and deliberate, make certain it was purposeful. 


But that just isn’t me.  If you are here, you already know I think outside the box.  I don’t do well with restriction, rules and boundaries.  Practical is just not one of the top 5 adjectives someone would use to describe my personality. 


When I get excited about a concept, a color, a design, a pattern, a fabric.. I’m like Bella kitty in these pictures.. I just want to revel in it, take it out and really explore all the possibilities. Right now, I am playing with a purse pattern, using scraps and hankies and crochet elements to add color and texture.  I made this one for Tamara.. can’t show you all of it, because it’s not all grown up yet. 


But Bella took it for a test spin and she approves.  Bella loves sacks, so when I put this purse on the floor, she jumped right in and rolled from one end of the room to the other, just playing her heart out.  


Looking at these pictures I took of her glorious fun reminded me of some awesome advice Tamara gave me.. she said  “just be yourself, Steph”. 

And so I will be following my free spirit and occasionally rolling around in fabric just for the fun of it.

2 responses to “Against my nature.”

  1. Tamara Gonzales Avatar
    Tamara Gonzales


    I love that Bella loved my purse even before I loved it. Thank you so much for trying your purse pattern out on a purse for me.

  2. Steph,
    I love this post. And I love that you think outside the box, because it gives my neat, tidy inside the box life some excitement! Bella looks so cute in the purse.

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