To market we will go.


 I am delighted to say I will be attending International Quilt Market in Minneapolis, MN on the 18th!  There are so many things to see, to learn, to touch!  

I am excited to travel with Jackie Clark, whom I have had the pleasure of working for over the past three years.  I have attended market with her once for meetings, but not when she has set up as a vendor.  This season, she is promoting her new line of 63 amazing prints with Benartex Fabrics and her newest pattern, Flower Pocket Top.  I can’t wait to see her fabrics draped and staged in the booth, they are just yummy, fun and fabulous.  We have been working on selecting prints for models and Jackie has just sewn and designed like crazy since the fabrics arrived!  There is so much excitement around this line.. I love the combinations that are possible.  And there is some purple, some periwinkle and some lavender!

Last season, four of us traveled together from Wichita.  Jackie, her sister, Tamara, Lisa (who owns the wonderful Picket Fence Quilt shop) and I drove in a van to Houston.  This season we are down one amigo as Tamara’s son is graduating and she wouldn’t miss hearing him give his speech for the world.  I know it will be fun, but not the same without her. 

Last Saturday, we met for our crochet guild officer’s meeting at Tamara’s and I was so excited to see her pile of pin-cushion hats.  Tamara writes a wonderful blog for Liesure Arts, Crochet Soiree.  This was one of the free patterns that Crochet Soiree provides.  Tamara said she was obsessed with making them.  So cute!

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