The joy of editing.

Since the house is on the market, I can’t make my usual creative messes and leave them lying around in between play times.  I had to downsize the craft area.  I had to edit.

I had edited every room in the house at this point, and thought that the craft room was sacred ground and that I must see everything out and on display in order to be inspired, in order to feel artistic, like I was really officially set up to do “suff”.

I spent one afternoon treating myself like I would have treated some of the clients I have decorated or organized for in the past.. I followed my own rules and sorted ruthlessly, donating, discarding, and “disconnecting” with things that I have kept for no other reason than that I had space for them.  They weren’t hurting anything.  I didn’t think they were hurting anything – except my ability to see my own work clearly.

I have been more decisive, more creative, more productive and less likely to clutter and confuse my space since the BIG EDIT.  The supplies I needed most and used most often fit into a small briefcase that I can take anywhere in the house and work and that hides under my bed or sofa in a pinch.

Paper and a jar of water, a brush and some watercolor pencils, some glue and a magazine or some photos and I can be happy for at least two days without looking up.

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