Twirly bird.

Today I went to check on a nest I noticed in the back yard at my parent’s house.  Last I checked, the nest was being built, but no eggs.  I see the mommy and daddy robin outside the window, busy, busy all the time.  So today, curiosity won over and I strolled out to see what all the fuss was about.

Mommy robin was a bit mad that I stood around so long.  She had a fresh worm she was trying to feed her babies.  The nest has about five.. I can’t see as they are laying so snug on top of each other.

The cluster of them, fuzzy and fleshy and spiked with wing feathers growing.. they are a pale, dusty grayish lavender.  Very pastel.  I can’t believe how intricate this nest is, it’s several inches deep.  It’s built on a fence gate and must only be three and a half feet off the ground.  I plan to check them regularly and watch them change and see how many color variations there are before robin red.

Growing up, if I was being goofy, my mom would call me “twirly bird”.  When I saw these guys, I could see how I might have been a gawky little thing once.. twirling and thinking I was a princess.

Look what I found to look at on my lunch break.. Veranda magazine.    The article is several glorious pages of some of the most amazing flowers, interesting art and yummy fabrics.  I loved the description the artist gives of bringing her travel treasures home and creating beautiful vignettes.. starting with color.

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