Purple, purple, everywhere!

Once I started looking.. it was everywhere.  In my scrapbook piles, in my jewelry drawer, in the flower bed, in photos I took last year.. in keepsake boxes there is plenty of purple to be found.  I rarely wear purple, except in jewelry or as an accent color in a garment.   I think it has to do with a poem I read as a child “When I get old, I will wear purple..”  Somehow those words immediately made purple seem different to me. 

I want to look at it in a new way.  I am rediscovering color, even old favorites seem new again when I think of writing this blog.  Now, looking at purple with a fresh eye, I think it’s pretty sassy and fresh.  Look at that flower in the largest frame.. it’s got some style. 

Favorite discovery of the day – I got to take a field trip with my mom on lunch break to pick up her new ballroom dance dress.  She was having it altered at Sew Much on Douglas.  I have been in several times since it is down the street from  Twist where my crochet guild meets.   

Anyway, spotted lots of fun fabric that would be fun for this color.. but what stole my heart was the purple HUGE rick-rack.  The store owner, Cindy said it reminds her of Dr. Seuss, it’s so huge.  I can’t wait to use it for some trim on a project I have in my head.  You must peek in this darling shop.  Cindy has done a wonderful job on alterations for my dancing queen mother.

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