To market we will go.

   I am delighted to say I will be attending International Quilt Market in Minneapolis, MN on the 18th!  There are so many things to see, to learn, to touch!   I am excited to travel with Jackie Clark, whom I have had the pleasure of working for over the past three years.  I have attendedContinue reading “To market we will go.”

The joy of editing.

Since the house is on the market, I can’t make my usual creative messes and leave them lying around in between play times.  I had to downsize the craft area.  I had to edit. I had edited every room in the house at this point, and thought that the craft room was sacred ground andContinue reading “The joy of editing.”

Purple, purple, everywhere!

Once I started looking.. it was everywhere.  In my scrapbook piles, in my jewelry drawer, in the flower bed, in photos I took last year.. in keepsake boxes there is plenty of purple to be found.  I rarely wear purple, except in jewelry or as an accent color in a garment.   I think it hasContinue reading “Purple, purple, everywhere!”