What’s cookin’?

I’m almost done!

How long has it been since I started this project? It seems like forever when your kitchen is torn up, but I think it took me a week and a half by the time I had doors on the cabinets and hardware on the drawers.
All white.. Yeah!
The reupholstered bench that started the whole thing, once you make over one thing in a room, the whole room cries out for attention. This bench was great, but made my cabinets look tired.
The upper parts of the cabinets were already white, I just finished all the lower cabinets. You can see there is still work to be done on the side and underneath the cabinets, the pantry is not done. But one more weekend and I will have it!
This is a close up of the paint application: Clean with Liquid Sander, apply 1 coat Primer, paint 2 coats base color, apply 1 coat antiquing glaze, sand edges, finish with 1 coat poly sealer, spray paint hinges with hammered metal finish.

2 responses to “What’s cookin’?”

  1. Please come to my house and paint all the OAK. Way to much oak for me! Love everything you do Steph.

  2. They look good!! Thanks for the painting tips, clearly we need them. I hope my kitchen will be next up on the big painting extravagaza going on around here.

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