It’s in the genes..

I have been working like a complete mad woman. Why? It’s genetic. I come from a line of compulsive ancestors. I can’t go into too many details, but words like frenzy, obsessed, crazy, are part of my daily dialog. I’m OK with it, because I know how many of us are out there and that I come by it honestly via family heritage. Most of my family members are intelligent, humorous, industrious workers and harmless to ourselves and the public, sometimes hot-tempered, Mostly just QUIRKY.

And that is why my mind never rests, I am always thinking of three or more projects, making two or more crafts and stringing it all together in some random way in my craft room. Perfect example: I had no more than hung the last kitchen cabinet than I was off to sew up this tote bag that had been calling out to me. I had started laying it out before I began painting, and it was nagging me that I had a wonderful sewing project I wanted to get to, but all this WORK.
And so as not to ever be idle, I am always knitting something. I have made about 3 scarves a week all summer (105 degrees!) long! Like there aren’t enough tote bags and scarves in the world and I must produce more, more I tell you!
All I can say is that the first step is acknowledging that you’re a little off-kilter, then you can pull in the reins a little and modify your behavior. But I do really like QUIRKY.

One response to “It’s in the genes..”

  1. What a neat bag! And I’ll bet the fresh paint on your cabinets brightened up you kitchen. Looks good.

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