The thrill of the hunt

This is my back porch. This photo was taken about two years ago.. Since then many things have come and gone, the most unusual thing being the near life-size mechanical pony “Smokey” that came to live with us when Mom and Dad moved last year. Whatever lands out there, whatever cast-off from other parts ofContinue reading “The thrill of the hunt”

It’s in the genes..

I have been working like a complete mad woman. Why? It’s genetic. I come from a line of compulsive ancestors. I can’t go into too many details, but words like frenzy, obsessed, crazy, are part of my daily dialog. I’m OK with it, because I know how many of us are out there and thatContinue reading “It’s in the genes..”

What’s cookin’?

I’m almost done! How long has it been since I started this project? It seems like forever when your kitchen is torn up, but I think it took me a week and a half by the time I had doors on the cabinets and hardware on the drawers. All white.. Yeah! The reupholstered bench thatContinue reading “What’s cookin’?”