Make Over!

We have lived in our present home for four years, I would estimate. And I have purchased, traded or otherwise maneuvered into this small kitchen dining area about six different dining sets. We have a pantry that I also keep moving, depending on which dining set is in use at the time. There are about four other tables strung through the house that I have banned from the kitchen as useless.

Finally, I think I might be on to something here. My mom bought this outdoor patio sectional last year and it was originally a plain tan colored indoor/outdoor fabric. There is one more chair piece and two ottomans as well. But I had been contemplating building a bench seat in this area and remembered that Mom wanted to sell this set. Using a leftover foam piece from another reupholstery job, I replaced the multiple cushions (3) with one single one and recovered all the back pillows all in the same wonderful black and white Waverly fabric from JoAnn’s. The two dining chairs came with the table I am using as a desk in the living room, and I covered two of them with a beautiful black and white toile and two with a cream and black pillow ticking. So, I have lots more seating and have used the otherwise dead corner of our kitchen.
In all the chaos of pillows being moved, cushions being swapped and traded, Tipsy tried to find a spot to watch. I love when she tucks her nose in like this. She just looks like she can’t stand to watch for one more second!
She says hi to Mom and Dad, or Cindy and Bruce. Have a safe trip home.

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