Pretty Fabulous!

A few weeks ago I ordered something awesome from Lotta’s Etsy shop. I love reading her blog, check her out if you haven’t already.. I check in anytime I am on the web and have never left her site without laughing out loud, and sometimes spending some dough.
I ordered two of these darling charms. I told her I was giving a charm as a gift and that I didn’t need the necklace, just the charm.. so she sent me the fantastic ring to make the price fair and then gift wrapped all my items! I love the packaging, all the details. What a fun way to shop! I know it’s hard work, but I so appreciate it!

And, unrelated, but still exciting to me.. I found this fun retro malt mixer at (guess) the Goodwill when I was shopping with my mom quite a while ago. She fell in love with it and bought it and has since decided she has no room for it in her kitchen. So, it has come to live in my kitchen for a while. I love looking at it. I have yet to make a milk shake, but have promised my kids to have all the ingredients for some awesome recipes!

2 responses to “Pretty Fabulous!”

  1. Ps – And how fun that the ring ended up matching your mixer!

  2. I just found this post! Thank you so much for taking pictures of your items with the packaging! I’m glad you enjoyed them all. It’s a pleasure to put it all together for you.

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