$1.50 pastel set

Months ago I was rummaging at one of my favorite thrift stores and found an oil pastel set that was water soluble. I had never used pastels or chalks, but have seen some wonderful art done with them. Since I do enjoy water color painting and acrylic painting, I thought this might be up my alley.
I had watercolor paper already and sketched a few things that I like to paint and gave the oil pastels a try. I loved how fast I could complete a “painting” because I didn’t have to keep mixing different shades of the same color to get variation. You just apply water to blend and you remove color to obtain your shading. Awesome!
So, then I wanted more colors and went to Hobby Lobby where I had seen an inexpensive pastel set.. but it wasn’t water soluble. So this piece looks less polished to me. I am still experimenting, but think the water soluble product is the way to go.
I had no more than finished these three experiments when my friend Lori, who is a talented faux painting artist called and asked me if I was interested in a small job. This picture of the airplane mural is NOT my work or Lori’s.. it is in the home of one of Lori’s client and was painted in a child’s room the home was purchased. There are also two banners that had the previous child’s name personalized on them. I was asked to remove the old name and replace with the name of the boy who’s room this is now.
My part in this room was very small. Just the name change here on this sign and on another banner that I can’t show as it has the child’s full name. But I wanted to show this great mural that I spent the past two days oogling and which I helped give a new life to. I looked, but could not find a place where the artist signed or dated their work (it might have been behind the bed?) If you are doing work like this, you should sign it somewhere! Funny how long it had been since I had painted, and all of a sudden, I was doing a lot of it. I forgot how much I enjoy it.

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