Goodie Bag

I love this lavender floral print! This used to be a size 2 women’s skirt.. the fabric drew me to it at a thrift store quite some time ago. The style (and the size) didn’t work for me, but I couldn’t walk away. So I bought it and it has hung in my sewing room closet waiting for me to become inspired enough to do something with it. One day last week it came up in conversation with a fellow crafter/sewer that she had been thinking of making a purse from a skirt. That was all the inspiration I needed. I have so many because they are an excellet source of fabric for a sewing project. I have an entire closet full of clothing that is waiting to be turned into a pillow, a bag, a crazy quilt. I just can’t part with certain pretties, even if they are impractical – a use will be found, I know it.
Over the past three weeks I have been moving my daughter’s room from our basement back to her old room (my most recent craft location) and relocating all my sewing and crafting supplies down two flights of stairs. I have lost count of how many times I have traded spots with a child, but just feel grateful at this point that I still have a spot to call my own. So, to celebrate the relocation efforts and to finally call my new room my own, I spent all afternoon sewing this sweet little purse. Prior to my celebratory sewing, I did sort and put away the towering pile of folded laundry that had lingered too long in the basket. I also sorted my closet and came up with a huge pile of rejected clothing to add to the donation pile I’ve been driving around in my car. The back of my Jeep look as if I might be living out of it, and many days I have considered it, but I can’t plug in the sewing machine.

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