When you can’t part with it..

I’m a sucker for a clearance aisle. Last year after school started, Target had one of my favorite things on sale, composition notebooks for $0.12 each. COME ON! You know I stocked up.
And then, there they sat in a pile for the longest time. I was blogging, not journaling and if I was going to journal, one knows it wouldn’t be in a plain composition notebook. Don’t be ridiculous!
So this weekend I had the absolute joy of digging out all my magazine clippings and stash of left-over scrap supplies and made some pretty journals. Once I laid out the covers, I applied DIY laminating sheets, so they look smooth and glossy. Inside the covers I also put pretty scraps and fun sayings. I keep a little zip bag full of things I can’t part with (torn from magazines and the like) and when I start to journal in my pretty book, I use some double sided tape to add color and pictures and words to my writing. I love recycling in this way. It makes me happy!

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