Pretty Fabulous!

A few weeks ago I ordered something awesome from Lotta’s Etsy shop. I love reading her blog, check her out if you haven’t already.. I check in anytime I am on the web and have never left her site without laughing out loud, and sometimes spending some dough. I ordered two of these darlingContinue reading “Pretty Fabulous!”

$1.50 pastel set

Months ago I was rummaging at one of my favorite thrift stores and found an oil pastel set that was water soluble. I had never used pastels or chalks, but have seen some wonderful art done with them. Since I do enjoy water color painting and acrylic painting, I thought this might be up myContinue reading “$1.50 pastel set”

I love junk, I love to look at junk!

I have been making a lot of photo collages and slide shows because I love to look at my junk! I can’t decide what photo to use, so I use as many as possible. I repeat some of the photos now and then, I realize, but that is because they are my favorites, like aContinue reading “I love junk, I love to look at junk!”

When you can’t part with it..

I’m a sucker for a clearance aisle. Last year after school started, Target had one of my favorite things on sale, composition notebooks for $0.12 each. COME ON! You know I stocked up. And then, there they sat in a pile for the longest time. I was blogging, not journaling and if I was goingContinue reading “When you can’t part with it..”

Things of Comfort

I love this cow creamer. It belongs to my mother and sits on her what-not shelf (one of many). This is a collage piece with pictures of Mom’s grand kids, their hand prints and keepsakes. I gave it to her for Christmas a few years ago. This stash of children’s books has been on Mom’sContinue reading “Things of Comfort”