And what is it you do?

I get asked that question often, but mostly as a “polite conversation starter”. And when forced to answer “what do you do?” I find I never have a really good answer. (I get distracted thinking about how to explain it QUICKLY..Don’t you love this cloth belt and leopard buckle?)
I try to explain that to be good at what I do (be a creative consultant slash computer geek-squad for a pattern designer), I must shop, browse, surf the web, read blogs, tear pages from magazines and create like a mad woman now and then.. But I’ve usually lost the interest of the person questioning me by this time.
I have actually quit telling people that I work unless I think they REALLY care, or have an imagination, or at least ten minutes to kill. Because describing it just sounds like having a tea party with friends and makes some people really mad.
I have been fortunate to find a place to work in which creativity is essential, desirable, in-demand and most appreciated and ENCOURAGED. I have mentioned in the past that I have enjoyed working in a fine group of women that comprise Jackie Clark’s design team. Jackie just finished publishing two new patterns which you can find on her website or by following the link in the title of this post and clicking “Patterns and Books”. My favorite of all her patterns is one of the new ones, Midnight Breeze. I LOVE to look at it and think about what fabric I would use. Right now the team is setting up Jackie’s booth for Fall market – Can’t wait!
When I first began working with this wonderful team, Jackie was beginning a project book, since starting with her last year at this time, she has published two project books, two patterns, gone to Spring Market to firm up a new fabric line and is about to finish another pattern before Fall Market.
(I made a few scarves, a couple of necklaces, a scrapbook and some dinner reservations last year, but that’s about it). Watching this process, being involved in it, having your opinion shape into decisions that you can watch become a reality.. and see a response to it all – EXCITING, I tell you!
So if you’ve never seen what Jackie does (or can’t figure out what I do) visit her website. I just help with whatever is on the agenda, help with orders and computer geek stuff.. But I love watching the progression of Jackie’s ideas, seeing them come to fruition over the course of several months hard work. I love hearing the response the public is having to Jackie’s work.. and knowing I was part of that process. This is an exciting time for her, I am so happy to be able to participate.

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  1. StephYou are so cool and we all love her like a sister. I have truely been blessed by her dedicated work ethic. She has abilities and guts to but herself where most would not go. Into my sewing room and the ugliest computer room ever. She keeps us old gals fresh and young with her ever foward thinking. I feel God has brought each and everyone of us to this place for his purpose. Lov you Steph

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