Purse update..

The Make It Mine Magazine Purse contest ended June 18th, and they have announced the winners. This little rag purse did not make the cut, sadly. To see the three winners, click to this link.. http://cs.makeitminemag.com/mimcs/blogs/makeitmine/2008/06/25/make-it-mine-s-make-it-a-purse-challenge-winners-are.aspx
I cannot tell you though, how much fun it was to use the small scraps of fabric in all the delightful colors and patterns and sizes.. I loved sitting and watching TV and “snipping and ripping” as Jackie would say.. Tying the strips together, knitting them up..
The texture of the fabric and the knots was a wonderful feeling to knit with.
I loved the results and encourage anyone who knits to try using fabric as a new medium. The tactile ripping, tying, knitting and the stretch and give of the fabric, the color combinations is a delightful experience. I get comments all the time about this little purse and love to tell the questioning person about where the fabrics came from. Thanks for listening to this ramble!

One response to “Purse update..”

  1. The little purse did very well. The competition was fierce! You and the little purse should be proud. Thanks for entering.

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