And what is it you do?

I get asked that question often, but mostly as a “polite conversation starter”. And when forced to answer “what do you do?” I find I never have a really good answer. (I get distracted thinking about how to explain it QUICKLY..Don’t you love this cloth belt and leopard buckle?) I try to explain that toContinue reading “And what is it you do?”

Purse update..

The Make It Mine Magazine Purse contest ended June 18th, and they have announced the winners. This little rag purse did not make the cut, sadly. To see the three winners, click to this link.. I cannot tell you though, how much fun it was to use the small scraps of fabric in allContinue reading “Purse update..”

Gift ideas..

Lately I find myself crafting more, blogging less. These are gift bags I decorated with leftover scrapping supplies. Each gift was a piece of jewelry for the ladies I work with at Jackie Clark Designs. I can’t stop making things, and they are often the recipients of my craft experiments or my shopping spree’s fromContinue reading “Gift ideas..”