In the press..

This post could get complicated, but the simplest version.. Once upon a time I decorated the home of a wonderful gentleman here in Wichita.. it was my first REAL job that wasn’t for family or friends, but a REAL client. As my health would have it, he was my last REAL client. After completing his home, I had to retire from decorating.
But LOOK! His home was featured in Wichita Magazine!

This is what the room looked like when I took the job. He called it a Mary Kay house.
This is during the interum while we waited for the curtains I designed to be sewn. My mother was my assistant and my friend Lori did the faux painting on the columns. Together, Lori and I silver-leafed the ceiling over this beautiful contemporary dining set he purchased. Altogether, we re-purposed, refurnished, re-painted, re-accessorized and updated every room in his home, except the kitchen. The baby grand piano shown in the before picture is now in a study and surrounded by Tony’s art.

How exciting.  My only real job, and I made it into a magazine (local.. but, I’ll take it!). Awesome, fun!

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  1. Steph,That is too cool! I feel very lucky to know you.Hugs,Tamara

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