Buttons, bracelets, charming of course!

Buttons! I have been cleaning up the craft room and sorting through goodie piles. I have a button drawer that was originally my mothers. I got to take possession of it since I am the resident sewer/crafter and she has no room at the Hoffice. The L pin was my grandmother, LaVonne’s lapel pin. I got that too, because my daughter’s name is Lauren. I dug out the buttons the other day to work on a scrapbook project and also to see if there were any jewelry components floating around in there.. I was making a bracelet and the hunting gathering part of it is the most fun for me. I always have ten times the number of trinkets that I could ever put on one piece of jewelry.. but one doesn’t want to second guess a creative spurt.
This tray holds the scrapbook piece, it is going into a project book that the girls at JCD get to create for Jackie to show as examples of the notebook cover pattern that is in her new project book, Sweetest Gifts, by Jackie Clark. Jackie and Beverly and I were making one inch i.d. tags for samples from each of her patterns and books that she is sending to be used as a display at market.. a “trunk show”. With the tags attached, you can see at a glance what book the pattern came from. The stinkin tags were so cute that I fell in love with the idea of making charms out of them.
Then there was a frenzy of OOHs and OHs and we all dropped what we were doing to discuss how that could be done?? Beverly asked Jackie where her Sally Jean Alexander book was so they could show me her work. WELL.. it was hard to go back to work after that. I was ready to go out and buy a welding tool, some silver tape and a stack of glass so I could make these CHARMS! Thank goodness I remembered I can’t take on EVERY craft project.. I have to pace myself as to how much equipment and junk I want drug through the house. I reasoned that I could find a pre-fabbed charm.. and so glad I did. They weren’t difficult to use, they were reasonably priced and I loved that they were ready to go! The word charms were fun to add colored beads to and bring out the colors on the pattern covers. They say Faith, Create, Journey, Humble, Inspire, Wish, and Spirit. I couldn’t think of better words to describe Jackie or her business or her mission. Beverly and Claudia helped me make decisions and helped me pay for the trinkets and bracelet. We gave it to her as a gift on Thursday last week. I so enjoy when we can surprise her and find something she doesn’t already have! Within minutes, you could see the wheels a-turnin’.. Claudia said, she’s gonna want to make it a necklace – you watch. And we spent the rest of the day working at the big table watching Jackie dig through beads and building an extension so she could wear it as a bracelet or a necklace. I love it!

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  1. Wonderful bracelets!!

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