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Last Christmas, at Jackie Clark Designs, the girls (Jackie, Claudia and Beverly and I) exchanged gifts. I think we exchange gifts weekly, really – someone is always having a birthday, needs cheered along, has something they are tired of and want to pass along.. it’s a share-fest the first twenty minutes we are together in the morning! Beverly and I love paper and scrapping and ephemera. She is the queen and I am her jester.. Beverly’s collection is marvelous and I have rummaged through it drooling! Her gift to me for Christmas was delightful, there was a business card holder with the Eiffel Tower on it for my new Etsy shop business cards, a decorative box of matches in a lovely green and teal shade.. The match tips were even green! And this lovely notebook. I could hardly bring myself to write in it, it’s just pretty. But I had started a memento box of cards and “bits n pieces” that reminded me of friends and I decided I would use the notebook as a place to write about the important people and events that make our lives so full and happy. It was fun to look around the house for things that I could collage the pages with. I added business cards, menus, letters, envelopes and magazine clippings.. just randomly and very relaxed. I wanted no pressure here. I have the notebook on my desk and when I get to feeling sorry for myself or need cheer.. I open my friend book and can hear their voices. I know what each of them would say about my “problem”. I have such fun imaginary dialog with my notebook of friends. I’m sure they prefer I talk to the book than dial them up every time I hit a stumbling block in life!

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