You call that art?

“White dishes”, displayed at Felissimo Fine Foods (acrylic on canvas banners)

When I was young my Mom signed me up for nearly every type of afterschool activity, gymnastics, horse back riding lessons, 4-H, drawing and painting classes and I was in all kinds of school activities as well. She just encouraged my sister and I to try many things, to see what we enjoyed, but mostly she just wanted us to be busy, leave her be and to occassionally have the house to herself. These are some of the paintings I have done, either for myself or my mom or for a client.

Patio behind French Doors” Brad Bachman Custom Homes (3’x4′ mural on cement wall)

“Itallian Courtyard” Brad Bachman Custom Homes (6′ x 4′ mural on cement wall)

“Cafe & Catering” Felissimo Fine Foods (Collage and acrylic on canvas)

“Purple Flower” acrylic on canvas 18″x 20″

“War Horse” acrylic on 2.5′ square canvas

Complete copy.. from famous French poster (hangs in my living room)

18″ x 36″ acrylic on canvas

“Madame X” scaled down reproduction of Virginie Gautreau by John Singer Sargent painted for my mother. Acrylic on canvas 18″ x 20″.

My senior year of high school, I transfered from a school I had attened most of my school years to a new Magnet school for art that was opening here in Wichita. I couldn’t wait to get to class, to learn more about art, photography, I even tried ceramics. I just want to piddle in everything. I want to try it all. And so far I have been fortunate enough to have been able to dabble in many wonderful hobbies and crafts. I love painting because it is so easy to change what you are doing, to add or modify what is happening on the canvas. I didn’t say I was all that great at it, but man is it fun to work on!

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