Special brand of crazy

I just don’t know anyone who isn’t a little bit off kilter. Normal? I’m pretty sure that I visited there once, but wasn’t invited to stay. Obsession, compulsion? Don’t care, it all costs the same. I love the line from the movie As Good As It Gets when Jack Nickleson’s character answers the door and the maid from down the hall asks if he would dog-sit for the scruffy dog Verdell.. (she is telling him what a Christian thing to do to help his neighbor who is in need).. Jack’s character says.. “go sell crazy somewhere else.. we’re all full up here!”
Crazy livin’, I tell you, it’s the only kind I know. Throw some normal in there and it’s like stepping off the walking treadmill that they have at the airport to move you along faster.. that step from the automated floor to the carpet.. it’s a doozy. I am working with Jackie Clark at least once a week now and every time I am there I hear her say, “I know you think I’m crazy.. but..” She’s no more crazy than anyone else I know. But we all have our own special brand of crazy, don’t we? Sometimes there are several of us gals there at once, sometimes it’s just me and Jackie. It doesn’t matter, someone will tip the scale of outrageous behavior and give the rest of us a good laugh. Yesterday we were trying to photograph a quilt. The lengths we went to! The laughter, the camaraderie… the only thing that beats a visit to crazytown is finding that your friends are already there, and they saved you a cup of coffee.

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