Happy, smiley people

This is hubby and me at my sister’s birthday celebration a few weeks ago. We have been married 12 years in April this year (I’m celebrating even now). Jim NEVER smiles in photos, and one of us is usually the one holding the camera.. so this is rare.. a picture of us both and both of us smiling. I’m always tossing a dirty look to a child about to commit a crime against a sibling, or possibly a perfect stranger, laughing with my head thrown back and all you get are my nostrils in the photo, or I look like I’ve been on a three day bender, Jim just scowls this pouty little purse of his lips, “you know I hate to have my picture taken” and sighs deeply. So, I love this photo. It was taken by Lauren, my daughter. I’m a little shiny, but I do look happy, I guess I’ll take it.

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