What has surprised me most about blogging is this new dialog it opens up, the new places it takes my friendships, the people I connect with in unexpected ways. Sometimes it is a picture that unites us, sometimes a story, an idea, a club.. the Internet is is a different tool to different people. Everyone I talk to about blogging tells me about the blog they read, shows me a new site, a new feature, a new way to view, gather and interpret information. Today I received this email from Debbie, Dad’s secretary I am always talking about. It contained a link to Smilebox (, a digital scrapbook site. I had been thinking I would like to sit down and find good tools for photo collages, for slide shows and there in my email was the perfect tool. I dropped everything I was doing to explore it for an hour. I made a photo collage and a slide show.. having a bit of trouble with HTML, but that’s just me.. the site was easy to use and very versatile. I might have gotten around to shopping for this site, but most likely would be still wishful thinking. But because I am making new friendships, exploring new territory, I am getting new information.. without much effort. Thank you for the new fun toy, Debbie, I can’t wait to make more collages!

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