With love.

These precious buttons, in the most luscious shade of red, deep and rich, not orangy or washed out, no, THE only shade that they eye associates with love, with romance, with elegance and strength.. These precious buttons were strung on crafting wire, one at a time, lovingly selected, the wire twisted and waved like garland. They were made for me and given to me by Ms. Claudia, whom I think of as a living example of Hot Chocolate. Somewhere in the earliest memories of my childhood there came stories of Claudia, her wild humor, her commanding voice, her strong laugh, her wit, her adventures.. my mother and Claudia were hair stylists at the same salon. My mom worked part-time and would come home from work and tell my dad or a friend about her day.. always there was a Claudia fragment. I associated her name, her voice, her laugh, the sound of my mother’s voice as she talked about Claudia was linked forever with fun, frivolity, bravery, strength and charm. I now work with Claudia some fifteen years later. When I was reunited with her and sat and caught up on gossip, it was like being a child again in some ways, but being treated as an adult. I was brought to a time when my mother was happy and young and busy and I was naive and carefree. She was human hot chocolate for my soul. I needed a Claudia back in my life. God works so mysteriously, in such small gentle ways. He worked some wonderful women into my life just in time to help me, to in many ways save me. I know these buttons are buttons. I know Claudia is human, that these women are friends, that divine intervention may be too deep.. but I know love when I see it.

If you’re like me, you want to know who I’m talking about. Scoot over to Jackie Clark Designs at http://jackieclarkdesigns.blogspot.com/ and you’ll find Claudia’s smiling face in the post Nov. 30, ’07. Beverly and I are there too! When I get to be a better blogger, that won’t be so difficult, I’ll know how to link you there!

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