Some of the 138 pictures I took today. Beauty was always in our home growing up. My mother decided she would teach her children to live among pretty things, delicate things, priceless things. She did some child-proofing. She didn’t expect unrealistic things. She just wasn’t going to live without joy, comfort and beauty simply because children were in her home.
Every day something was fluffed or moved or added or subtracted, angled just so. Very rarely were our furnishings or linens or accessories from the current decade, never trendy, never modern.
They were each unique, sought with love, set about with fervor and delight.
Even coffee was an event. I remember the “Aha!, the OOH, the Oh, Look at that” when a new decorator magazine would appear in the mail. The world would stop for a few minutes and we would all look at what had mom so excited. I was born and bred and raised and trained like a musical prodigy to love, to look, to buy, to decorate, to live in beauty every day. There really is no substitute. And in blog land, I have found sisters to my soul. I have found people living not just with aesthetic beauty each day, but people discovering the joy learning what is beautiful to them.

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