This is my fireplace. We’ve lived in this house four years and I have refurnished and redecorated this room about every six months since the day we got the keys. It is currently furnished with my furniture from a previous home and vast quantities of hand-me-downs from my mother’s home. She sold her 5-bderoom home and down-sized. I took in as many orphans as my walls and garage could handle.
On a trip to K.C. two years ago, Mom saw a painting of a horse she fell in love with. She hated the price tag, though and asked me to paint one like it. I looked at the painting for 5 minutes.. we were on a schedule. When we returned, I found a perfectly square canvas that was framed nicely, but had cheap, cheap art painted on it. Six dollars. Perfect. Exactly what we wanted to spend. Thus my horsey sprang to life on a re-purposed Goodwill canvas.

I knew when I painted him that someday he would come home to see me.. Thank goodness I used colors that would work for me! He is fireplace makeover #7. She threw in the green chair and red blanket and pillow at no extra charge. I just had to load it myself. I love a cheap thrill.

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