My Space

A few weeks ago I was side tracked by a few hankies. Cleaning my work space to accommodate a dozen new swatches of cute was a necessity. I had torn things up to decorate the window at Twist. So in my cleaning frenzy, I decided to paint the walls in the adjoining room that I had been using as storage. It’s a finished attic room with a skylight that sits over our garage. Formerly occupied by my daughter, it was painted ORANGE. There were boxes, totes, piles, stacks and rejects from all over the house haunting this great space. I had big dreams for this room when we bought this house. Now that everyone else has used and abused it, I get to clean it and redecorate it. I have been all over this house with my creative space, trying to carve out a place that is mine. This is my last move. I am excited about repainting and re carpeting this sweet room. I love it that no one else will bother with it. It has the best light of all of the rooms in our home. It’s a diamond in the rough. Now that I am feeling better and after a long absence from decorating, I get to enjoy my hobbies again. I feel so rejuvenated, so alive, so grateful, so blessed. I have been beat up and bruised like this little room, but my little light keeps shining, just like the sunshine that seeps in through the skylight. I can’t wait to start living again. Thank you to everyone who has put up with me along this journey and who will still claim me as friend or family. I have not been a pretty picture, sometimes a bad example.
I have much to be thankful for. I am most thankful to those I have been working with this past year who have reached out to me with encouragement and acceptance, know how important you are, how much you are appreciated. I feel like I needed the makeover on the inside and they stood by me through the uglies.

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