This charm was among the jewelry pieces in the jewelry box that my Aunt selected from my Grandmother’s belongings to give to me. I can’t picture my Grandmother owning this. I know that I never saw her wear it. I don’t know how she would have come to own it, it seems so unlike her style. I believe it was a gift from someone special to her. Many of the things in her jewelry box were gifts, some though you could tell she had found on accident and just didn’t know what to do with. She never threw away anything that could be re-used or enjoyed by someone else if she could help it. There were about a dozen post earrings, just kid’s costume jewelry that looked as though they had been set down by a friend, loved one or grandchild and when she found them, couldn’t risk losing them.. she tied them together with string and they sat in her drawer waiting until the time when she might see the owner and could return them.
This was by far the most unusual, the most surprising in the bunch. It is two and a half inches long and two inches wide, not petite by any means. Each side of what looks like ivory colored shell are pairs of hand painted birds in vibrant blues, golds, reds with filigree shapes. It is surrounded by a rope of sterling and has a very thin and simple sterling loop. It is hand made in every respect and I find it fascinating! It was in GG’s box with other trinkets and costume pieces. I couldn’t wait to wear it, so I strung beads to create a two tier chain. It’s loud, it’s memorable, it makes me feel artistic and creative and flamboyant. I have worn it a dozen times since I received it. I am anxious to learn more about it, where it came from and how it came to be in GG’s jewelry box.
I love when you learn something about someone you never would have guessed. I can hear her voice, seeing her carefully tie earring backings together, anticipating her next visit with their owner. Looking through the compartments, I see her as those who gave her those pieces saw her, each in a unique way. I love to be surprised at what I didn’t know!

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